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The Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research

NKI Staff

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Name Department Phone

Mariko Saito, Ph.D.

Neurochemistry 845-398-5537

Mitsuo Saito, Ph.D.

Analytical Psychopharmacology 845-398-5537

Sheela Sajan

Clinical Research 845-398-5523

Arthur Saltzman, M.S.

Dementia Research 845-398-5565

Saily Sanchez

Business Office 845-398-5407

Raj Sangoi

Biomedical Imaging & Neuromodulation 845-398-5416

Shannon Sansone

Business Office 845-398-5446

Adrienne Naomi Santiago

Emotional Brain Institute 845-398-6692

Antero Sarreal, M.D.

Geriatric Psychiatry 845-398-6532

Helen Scharfman, Ph.D.

Dementia Research 845-398-5427

Charles Schroeder, Ph.D.

Biomedical Imaging & Neuromodulation 845-398-6539

Robert M. Sears, Ph.D.

Emotional Brain Institute 845-398-6633

Pejman Sehatpour

Schizophrenia Research 845-398-6543

Henry Sershen, M.S., Ph.D.

Neurochemistry 845-398-5548

Relish Shah

Animal Facility 845-398-5537

Kathleen Shannon

Animal Facility 845-398-5570

Jaclyn Sheehan

Administration - IRB 845-398-5493

Subbana Shivakumar, Ph.D.

Analytical Psychopharmacology 845-398-5454

Constance Shope, Ph.D.

Clinical Research 845-398-6562

Ashleigh Showler

Emotional Brain Institute 845-398-6692

Diana Sidtis, CCC/SPL, Ph.D.

Geriatric Psychiatry 845-398-6691

John Sidtis, Ph.D.

Geriatric Psychiatry 845-398-5577

Gail Silipo

Schizophrenia Research 845-398-6536

Starrita Simmons

Receiving 845-398-5461

Kim Siu

Cleaning Services

John Smiley, Ph.D.

Neurochemistry 845-398-6601

Robert Smith, M.D., Ph.D.

Neurochemistry 845-398-6531

Aileen Snider

Director's Office 845-398-5502

Tarek Sobeih, M.D., Ph.D.

Information Sciences 845-398-5585

Trisha Somerville

Animal Facility 845-398-5591

Kurt Sparks

Animal Facility 845-398-5591

Brenda Stanbridge

Business Office 845-398-5403

Philip Stavrides, M.S.

Dementia Research 845-398-5438

Harlan Stearns

Security 845-398-5500

Shawn Stearns

Security 845-398-5500

Emily R. Stern, Ph.D.

Clinical Research 845-398-6636

Ray Suckow, Ph.D.

Analytical Psychopharmacology 845-398-5444

Regina M. Sullivan, Ph.D.

Emotional Brain Institute 845-398-5511

Tania Sultana

Manhattan Psychiatric Center 646-672-6177

Aurelia Sweeney

Emotional Brain Institute

Idan Tal, Ph.D.

Biomedical Imaging & Neuromodulation

Dei-in Tang, Ph.D.

Social Solutions & Services 845-398-6596

Antonio Taveras

Animal Facility 845-398-5591

Cátia Teixeira, Ph.D.

Emotional Brain Institute 845-398-5830

Qawi Telesford

Biomedical Imaging & Neuromodulation 845-398-2892

Amod Thanju

Manhattan Psychiatric Center 212-961-8992

Emma Theisen

Emotional Brain Institute 845-398-6692

Russell Tobe, M.D.

Outpatient Research 845-398-6556

Caroline Tobey

Information Sciences 845-398-6511

Michael Tomanelli

Animal Facility 845-398-5591